Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Animated Shockwave is plastic sex

Once upon a time, during the Christmas of 2008, I found myself the Animated Shockwave toy at my local WalMart store. I was so excited. I was also so broke. So I passed on him. Fast forward nearly four months and, in my reluctance at ever finding the original release, I had given up and was just going to buy the Target exclusive purple repaint.

But alas! Sitting in the toy aisle at an over-priced $21.98 was Shockwave! So I passed on the purple ... although I'm probably going back to get him tomorrow with Mindy when she comes up to get whatever plastic/vinyl she needs for her costume. At least that way I'll have an Activator toy that I'll actually open as opposed to the one that was in my care package from way back in like ... October.

This toy is fucking amazing.

Yes, he doesn't quite stand 100% perfect. But hey, neither do I (thank you, genetics!). I just love the quadruple-changer effect he has, even if you're just rotating a leg, pulling out some claws, and pulling out the legs. It's simple and fun ... but the tank mode is a pain in my ass and thus he remains forever in robot mode. Or should I say "modes" ... ha ha. I think I love this over priced toy so much because of the fact the character in the show is so likable (I like villains, they're more fun to write/act/watch).

I'm also a huge fan of this "silver Autobot logo, gold Decepticon logo" idea that someone came up with. Such a nice change from the traditional red and purple.

If you can't find the original release, do yourself a favor and pick up the Target exclusive release. You'll still enjoy the fact that you have an awesome toy with great homage to the original. Kudos to Eric and Derrick for an awesome design on this thing.

I am now off to pick up Leslie from her job (because her car sucks) and then spend the evening with the group watching Ghost Hunters. Hooray! New Seasons rock.

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