Friday, March 20, 2009

BotCon 2009 = Boring 2009?

Color me underwhelmed with this year's BotCon.

Maybe I'm spoiled. Maybe the last 8 shows I've gone to have just been awesome because the convention was growing each year, getting more and more popular, and the toys that were coming out were cooler and cooler. Nothing can beat 2007 ... but can you expect anything to? We had a movie premiere, we had more people from TFW there than any other year, and we got to literally pee in Hasbro's toilets.

This year the only thing we know for sure is that we're getting a ton of Cybertron repaints in the box set (and an Energon repaint or two), that Stan Bush is going to perform another concert of his "it was cool the first 150 times I heard it as a child but 25 years later I'm just not feeling it" infamous song listings from the original animated Transformers movie, and a tour of Paramount's studios where I'm sure for some it'll be awesome but for me it'll be ehhh.

No movie premiere. No awards dinner, that I can see, because it's part of the Paramount tour. And to top it off it's in one of the most expensive places to live. I think I'm still paying off part of my trip to Pasadena back in 2004 when I worked the show for the Hartmans during the dark ages (aka OTFCC).

Scourge is neat looking, and the inevitable Sweeps repaint(s) will probably be cool, but that's really about it. How Cybertron Defense Scattorshot's mold is not in pieces in some small Asian kid's lunchbox is beyond me. They've only used that mold a total of 432 times if I recall correctly.

As I said on my Twitter ... perhaps I'm just a bitter old man. But this isn't the BotCon I remember!


  1. Your mom is a bitter old man!

    Seriously, BotCon doesn't seem all that worth it. If I wanted to hang out with geeks all day, I'd start a comic book store or something.

  2. KB, man what is up with these guys crapping in your comments section. Lame.

    Anyone, nice read. I know you have to monitor yourself at TFW, so it's nice to see you download in here. Plus the reads are quick and simple, so easy to check on. Hope all is well.

    Jeremy.B (Sunnday77) - TFW

  3. I'm disappointed by the lack of updates.

  4. Most people who start blogs abandon them. :D

    I am not most people.

    Botch's Transformers Box Art Archive + Blog !

    I am shameless.