Thursday, March 19, 2009

I don't understand TEH INTRANETZ

So today a friendship ended with a female that I have known only for about a year. Why did our friendship end? Because I laughed at the fact she's decided she's going to marry a boy that she has in fact never even had a chance to meet. That's right -- friendships with people that can see you everyday are not as important as a relationship with someone on the Internet.


Now, do not get me wrong. I believe it is ENTIRELY possible to meet someone online and create a long-lasting friendship. Shit, I am more or less proof of that, considering some of the best people I have ever had a chance to meet are people I have spoken to for days online with over the last few years. Drew Eiden, my heterosexual lifemate, is someone I grew to knew thanks to the Internets (and a lot of alcohol in Rhode Island).

But I think it is childish, silly, and actually really pathetic to determine that your soulmate is someone that you've never touched, never kissed, and never even seen move in fluid motion other than a grainy webcam. I believe you can start talking to someone online, meet them, and create a relationship that way. But I don't believe you can plan a wedding date with someone you've never spoken to face to face.

Why can't kids just go back to playing violent video games and smoking cigarettes? Either I lived an incredibly sheltered life back in the 80's and early 90's, or times have changed so much that the next generation is going to destroy the world because they're going to be so fucking high on whatever household cleaner they've managed to get their hands on.

Oi vey.


  1. When you have a successful relationship, we might care.

  2. I'm far too picky to have a successful relationship. And I have every right to be picky about that. I have yet to ever reach the "I'm so lonely, I need SOMEONE, ANYONE" stage of my life. And I doubt I ever will. That's what friends and hobbies are for.

    BUT HANG IN THERE SON. You'd be surprised at how much confidence plays in a successful relationship. I suggest using an online dating service to meet some people near you that share similar interests - worst case scenario, you end up with some great new friends to hang out with!

  3. yay for the shout out